The “donts” of B2B Texting

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are running high blocking mechanisms across traffic to catch & eradicate texting that looks like “spamming” or deemed overly offensive. Violations of the following rules could result in a carrier ban and you could get permanently blacklisted from the carriers.

If a few of your business texts are marked as spam, then you probably just need to change up the messages you’re sending. Our Project Management team is available to assist and recommend text messaging that will not only get through, but will convert at a high percentage.

If none of your texts are making it through, or if you’re seeing an extremely high opt-out rate, then it’s likely one or more mobile carriers have “blacklisted” your account. This means they will no longer deliver messages from your account. In the event you are “blacklisted” , our QA department has relations with Carrier compliance departs and we will work on your behalf to open up the channels again so you can resume your TextMarketing.

To avoid this from happening though, follow these tips.

Each mobile carrier filters texts for spam in their own ways. The algorithms between the carriers differ, however you can generally protect your messages by avoiding the following:

  • URLs: Links must go to a legitimate site for the registered sender only.
  • Dollar signs: No $$$
  • Excessive emojis: A few are ok, but more than that is a red flag.
  • Sending too many texts too quickly: We recommend no more than 1 message per week.
  • Illicit or regulated material: Anything about marijuana, firearms, debt collection, or other heavilyregulated items is likely be flagged.
    The biggest factor tends to be how many texts you’re sending. If you’re a PhonetiCall customer, we have a Spamfeature to help you with your messaging. Here are some additional tips to help prevent message blocking:
    • Texts must always come from the human sender
    • Texts should come directly on behalf of the publication
    • No Identical content: No two messages should be identical
    • NO SPAM like messages
    • Always use the recipient’s first name
    • No Use of flagged words & prohibited topics – See belowFlagged Words: The following words can get your campaigns flagged and/or banned by
      carriers. Businesses, COVID-19, pandemic, learn more, register, smallbiz, biz, free quote, free, bank, HARP, Department of Education, entitled, reduced, refi, refinance, payment, discharge lend, lending, profanity, lender, loan, loans, fund, funds, bank, approval, approved, debt, money, rate, apply, application, CBD, transfer, qualify, forgive, forgiveness, sex, sexual, firearm(s), gun(s), weapon(s), tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, vape, vaping, $ symbol, any drug or alcohol related words, repeating symbols (Ex !!!) (ALL CAPS are also prohibited).
      Prohibited Topics: The following content is prohibited. Any messages containing personal attacks, sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco content, vaping, weapons, drugs, cannabis, gambling, fraud, spam, phishing, deceptive marketing, distribution or malware or app downloads from non-secure locations, loan, debt consolidation, debt relief and student loan programs from any enterprise that is not able to grant loans itself, affiliate marketing programs that seek to obtain opt-in subscriber lists, lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information withthird parties, work from home opportunities.

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