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Event Registration Services

Attendee Outreach

Our team then reaches out to these individuals via phone to promote your event and provide them with information about the event’s benefits, location, and schedule.

Services Recommended: Live Agent TeleMarketing, TextMarketing, Tap2Chat, and Voice Broadcasting.

Attendee Follow-Up

Our team follows up with individuals who have expressed interest in attending your event but have not yet registered. We provide them with additional information and address any questions or concerns they may have.

Services Recommended: Live Agent TeleMarketing, TextMarketing, Tap2Chat, and Voice Broadcasting.

Event Feedback and Analysis

After your event, our team will follow up with attendees to gather feedback and insights into their experience. We use this information to improve future events and refine our telemarketing strategies.

Services Recommended: Live Agent, Tap2Chat.

Registration process is one of the biggest mistakes made.

Our Tap2Chat feature
streamlines the process!

Increase Attendence

Find Out How Tap2Chat Works.

4 Core Benefits of
our Services

Telemarketing provides a personalized way to communicate with potential attendees, allowing event organizers to tailor their messaging and answer any questions or concerns that the potential attendee may have.

Telemarketing allows for real-time engagement with potential attendees, which can lead to higher conversion rates than other registration methods like email or social media.

Our exclusive and proprietary Tap2Chat feature allows you to take text outreach to another level.  Use Tap2Chat to collect data in real time and drive registrations via mobile device.

Telemarketing allows for real-time adjustments to be made to the event registration process based on feedback received from potential attendees, allowing event organizers to better understand what works and what doesn't work

Low Rate Guarantee

By leveraging bleeding edge technology in the call center industry, we provide our clients with new tools to cut costs and drive revenue.
We will match or beat any cost per order telemarketing program with your current vendor, guaranteed! Simply show us your invoice and let us know your project specifications.
Want even lower rates? As about our bundled services discounts.
*New names will require a portion of Renewal work to qualify for this program.

Increased Email Engagement

In today’s digital world email is the most important piece of data you have. Don’t risk working with vendors who can’t avoid human error on data entry.
With our email verification process, email append services, and scripting strategies to gain more emails, you will see a rise in email engagement by working with us.
With CASL and GDPR (coming in 2018), telemarketing is a great way to make sure you stay compliant and avoid large fines.


We offer the most flexible telemarketing program in the industry. If you have an audience sensitive to off shore callers, we can make sure all of your calls are made from the USA.
If you are concerned about your costs, we have off shore centers dropping your rate as much as 30%! Want the best of both worlds? We can blend your campaign with both off shore and domestic callers saving you time by not having to deal with multiple vendors.

Marketing Expertise

We are a client centric organization. Nobody in the industry has more direct experience working with Audience Marketers on their telemarketing efforts than our Sr. Teleservices Strategist, Sebio DelaPena. He has been helping Audience Marketers achieve their goals since 2001.
We have built an entire team of technology experts and production support staff around his vision of innovative tools to help Audience Marketers navigate the waters of the digital age.

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