"B2B contact data decays
at a rate of 2.1% per month"

-Marketing Sherpa

What Can Social Data Do For Your Business?

Data Correction

Our data correction tool starts with a complimentary data health analysis measuring the accuracy of your data. Data decay is a big issues for businesses these days.

Our social data platform presents very unique ways of providing accurate data.  We have first person generated data and up to 60 data points of contact and business information.

Data Enrichment

Append unique fields to your database with social.

We have demographic information such as sales volume, employee size, and technologies installed. Our contact information includes fields like email, site location address info, and direct phone lines.

With up to 60 data points of information we can enrich your existing database.

New Prospects

We have access to 300 million professionals worldwide.  Our social data platform gives you access to new prospects. We can filter by 26 different data points including written titles, classification of titles, decision maker identifiers, SIC/NAICS codes, and multiple address info and phone numbers.

Built in suppression tools allow you to only target new prospects or search by company for account based marketing objectives.

Email Verification

As we all know email accuracy is a huge component driving our business in today’s digital age.  Our social data platforms perform a real time email verification process. This process includes:

  • Syntax verification
  • SMTP verification
  • Confirmation email verification

*40% of business objectives fail due to inaccurate data

How well do you know your audience?

Let us provide some insight.

4 Core Benefits of Social Data

Cost of Bad Data

Your Marketing efforts depend on having good data.  Here is why.

  • 62% of organizations rely on prospect data up to 40% inaccurate
  • 1 out of 4 people move jobs every year
  • On average it costs $1 to verify a record as it’s entered, $10 to scrub and cleanse it later, and $100 if nothing is done

By correcting your data with our socially sourced data platform you are giving your marketing efforts the best chance of success.

Our platform is a live database, therefore we can follow a person’s footprint on the web as they move jobs, keeping your data fresh.

Increase Email Engagement

Send us hard bounces and records without emails.  We will correct and append verified emails to your file for you to engage more people with your content.

Our services also run an analysis on your email health.  We will let you know what emails are low risk, medium risk, and high risk. Use this data to increase your email reputation and delivery.

If you need to capture opt ins we can run a phone campaign.  For new prospects you can specify if you only want records with good email addresses.

Account Based Marketing

Target decision makers at key companies.  Our platform gives you the ability to upload a list of companies you want to target, select decision makers only, and only return contacts who are not already in your database.

Monetize the Data

You own the data when you work with us. Use it as many times as you want across multiple marketing efforts and departments.

Some of the ways you can generate revenue include reselling by adding additional fields to your data rentals, event registration, and lead generation.


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