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What Can We Do For Your Political Campaign?

Voter ID

Identifying supporters, opposed, and undecided voters is a critical element to any campaign. Voter ID calls provide the information you need to plot your strategy and plan future efforts.

Patch Calls

Allow constituents to connect directly with the candidate, elected representative, or campaign headquarters. Direct voter access and communication is a powerful tool. We can send voters to different offices based on area within the same campaign.  Patch Through calls will help you mobilize voters and promote action.

Voicemail Broadcast

Deliver a pre-recorded message to your voters. The message can be a simple one-way communication, or include a voter feedback option via telephone keypad responses. Our system capacity will drop up to 500 messages per minute. Send us your recorded message or use our simple dial in recording feature to record.

Voter Persuasion

Typically used as a follow-up to voter-ID or integrated into the same call, live agent persuasion calls are targeted to undecided voters. We promote positive aspects of your issues/campaign and/or expose your opponent’s weaknesses.


On Election Day you need people to get to the polls to support you! Getting voters to the polls is the final, and most critical step of your TeleCampaign strategy. Days before the election our agents will deliver a live short message, ask voters to commit to voting and most importantly make sure they go to the polls. Take nothing for granted, proactive live GOTV calling is a must do if you want to WIN.

Public Opinion Polling

Use live agents or automate IVR (interactive voice response) to capture the opinions of voters. We recommend IVR for polls under 6 minutes long and live agents for anything over 6 minutes.  We can also blend and use live agents to gain cooperation then live transfer the voter to a IVR poll.

How well do you know your Voters?

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4 Core Benefits of Political Phone Calls

Data Quantity

We have the capacity to tell you what the voters are thinking within hours of your campaign launch.  Our team can gather over 100,000 responses per day.  Calls are made 7 days a week with reporting a data sent back daily.

Our call center makes over a million calls per month, giving you the tools to capture a large amount of responses in a short time frame.  Scale your project up or down as you campaign needs change.

Call Recordings

We have the ability to record and store your calls throughout the campaign cycle.  This gives you the ability to play back your supporters opinions during GOTV message drop campaigns.

This helps get people to the polls to vote for your candidate or cause.


Within just a few ours of receiving our materials we can be in the field collecting responses.  Data and reports are sent nightly within hours upon the shift ending.

Our call centers cover 3 time zones and are making contact 15 hours throughout the day.  Our typical project is in and out of the field in less than a week.

Start and stop campaigns on the fly based on your objectives.


We function as your voter contact management resource which gives your project the proper attention and clarity needed to succeed while you focus on other critical areas of your campaign. We will work for you to implement the right mix of TeleCampaign strategies at the most cost effective price.


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