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What Can Opt-In Programs Do For Your Business?

Social Data

Our opt in programs start with our social data. We have access to 300 million professionals worldwide.

There are 26 filter points which include business and title information to drill down and target your core audience.

Email Marketing

Our “cold” email marketing programs include an automated series of emails over a designated period of time. We have a library of templates with proven success in a variety of industries, including our “1-click” template which makes is simple for recipients to opt-in to your content.


Avoid hefty fines and stay compliant with CASL and eventually the GDPR.  Our programs are designed to provide Digital “Opt-In” Data Subject Validation and Acquisition to ensure our clients are capturing the Opt-In consent needed from each data subject and remain fully compliant.


Once we have run through the email cadence we have our experienced agents hit the phones to follow up with people who didn’t respond to the email program.  We design scripts to offer several options to opt in to your content.

Once the call is complete we will deliver your first email in real time to the people who opted in. The email will include your privacy policy link. All calls are recorded and made available.

*Penalties for not complying with opt-in laws can be $1-10M per violation !

How well do you know your audience?

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4 Core Benefits of Opt-In Programs

Cost per Opt In

Our projects are a risk free program, you only pay for the opt-ins we collect.  We will provide the data, email marketing and telemarketing for all projects. A nominal set up fee does apply to non qualifying projects.


Target people who have previous opted out and re-engage them through our telemarketing program. We will give them options to opt in to specific content.  This is a great way to find out if the people who opted out in the past were only opting out to certain content or didn’t want anything from your company.

Ensure your Connection

All of the emails we collect are put through our real time email verification process.

This includes:

1. Syntax verification
2. SMTP verification
3. Confirmation email verification

Avoid Fines

Make sure you are complying with the law. Our opt-in programs will cover the following aspects to make sure you are compliant.

  • Demonstrate
  • Appropriate
  • Implement
  • Notify
  • Record
  • Perform
  • Cooperate
  • Appoint

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