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Generate Demand. Qualify Leads. Grow Revenue.

Drive Revenue with our LGEN Tools


Prevent list fatigue and use our socially sourced data platform.  We find the contact’s data by searching their public social profile and then layer in the company data.

The contacts’ data is self-reported and the most accurate available.


Need help with content for marketing purposes ? Our content services can help you develop topics, find out what is trending in your industry, and write content for you.

Plug the content into our Telemarketing programs to develop leads for your clients.


Our telemarketers understand how to get through the gatekeeper, generate interest with decision makers, and qualify leads.

We also guarantee the delivery of your content with our real time email verification tool.

Live Call Transfer

Increase the value of your telemarketing by taking advantage of our live call transfer feature. Our agents will generate high level interest, qualify the prospect, and live transfer to your sales team.

All information collected on our call will be delivered in real time upon the transfer.

How much time do your CLOSERS spend on generating interest and qualifying prospects ?

Find out how your sales team can spend more time closing!

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Sales people only spend a third of their time selling **Docurated’s State of Sales Productivity Report

4 Core Benefits of Lead Generation

Drive More Revenue

You hire closers to gain commitments ! Think about all the non selling functions your sales team does on a daily basis.  What if they could be talking with interested and qualified prospects during this time, instead of prospecting or doing admin work?  Allow us to help you drive more revenue by prospecting, cold calling, qualifying and delivering interested leads to your closers to drive more revenue.

Keep Top Performers

Your top sales members are vital to your organization.  Reward them with interested and qualified leads. The more tools you provide them to succeed chances are they will continue to remain with your organization.  Great sales people are hard to find, training takes resources, and ROI waits for ramp up.  Avoid losing your key sales members by having us generate leads for them.

Increase Content Engagement

Content utilization is critical to selling value.  You spend a lot of time and money creating whitepapers, webinars, on demand presentations, ebooks and case studies.  The more eyeballs you can attract to these assets the more revenue you can generate.  Allow us to put together an effective content marketing program that leverages our socially sourced data and telemarketing expertise.

Make Sure the Pipeline is Full

New opportunities are critical to sustaining revenue month in and month out.  By having an ongoing outsourced LGEN resource to supplement your internal efforts we can close the gaps and keep your funnel full.

With our social data platform we give you access to 90 million business professionals in the US across all industries.  We will then use our call center to generate interest, qualify, and live transfer the lead directly to your sales team.


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