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Audience Marketing Toolkit


We provide media companies innovative ways to lower costs by streamlining the telemarketing assembly line.

By blending domestic and international resources we give you the most flexible telemarketing platform in the industry.

Real Time e-Mail Verification

Our technology performs a real time verification process consisting of:

1. Syntax verification

2. SMTP verification

3. Confirmation email verification

Socially Sourced Data

Use our socially sourced data platform and gain access to 300 million professionals.

We will correct and prevent data decay, enrich existing data with additional fields, and provide you with new prospects to target.

Automated Messaging

Deliver a pre-recorded message to your audience to create awareness and increase response rates.

The message is a simple one-way communication that allows your audience to understand promotions and create action.

Use this service for conference registration, renewal notices, or webinar reminders.

Email Engagement

We provide opt in solutions to strengthen your email data.  Use our cost per opt in program to re-engage and add new emails.

We will clean up bounced emails, convert previous opt-outs to opt-in, and gain brand new opt ins.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing programs supplement your internal efforts.

Use our tools to develop interest in whitepapers, sign people up for webinars, or have people download an on demand presentation.

You can also implement a lead generation program to your renewal effort to offset some of your telemarketing investment.

B2B contact data decays at the rate of 2.1% per month -Marketing Sherpa

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4 Core Benefits of our Audience Marketing Services

Low Rate Guarantee

By leveraging bleeding edge technology in the call center industry, we provide our clients with new tools to cut costs and drive revenue.

We will match or beat any cost per order telemarketing program with your current vendor, guaranteed!  Simply show us your invoice and let us know your project specifications.

Want even lower rates?  As about our bundled services discounts.

*New names will require a portion of Renewal work to qualify for this program.

Increased Email Engagement

In today’s digital world email is the most important piece of data you have.  Don’t risk working with vendors who can’t avoid human error on data entry.

With our email verification process, email append services, and scripting strategies to gain more emails, you will see a rise in email engagement by working with us.

With CASL and GDPR (coming in 2018), telemarketing is a great way to make sure you stay compliant and avoid large fines.


We offer the most flexible telemarketing program in the industry.  If you have an audience sensitive to off shore callers, we can make sure all of your calls are made from the USA.

If you are concerned about your costs, we have off shore centers dropping your rate as much as 30%!  Want the best of both worlds? We can blend your campaign with both off shore and domestic callers saving you time by not having to deal with multiple vendors.

Marketing Expertise

We are a client centric organization. Nobody in the industry has more direct experience working with Audience Marketers on their telemarketing efforts than our Sr. Teleservices Strategist, Sebio DelaPena. He has been helping Audience Marketers achieve their goals since 2001.

We have built an entire team of technology experts and production support staff around his vision of innovative tools to help Audience Marketers navigate the waters of the digital age.


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