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PhonetiCall (pho·neti·call) is a marketing organization helping businesses clarify call strategies. Our clients use our services for their data collection and contact services needs. We specialize in audience marketing, voter outreach, and lead generation across a variety of industries.

Our services provide you the resources and infrastructure to produce high quality data intelligence and reporting ,while building a demand for your content or services. We supplement your efforts by being part of your overall marketing strategy.

The strategic services and experience we provide results in winning data collection solutions for your company. We help businesses of all sizes understand their data, develop a strategic plan targeting qualified prospects, and execute the strategy seamlessly.

Through our experience, people, and technology, we’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses implement successful contact solutions strategies.  Take advantage of our resources to provide winning solutions for your company.

Choose PhonetiCall For:

Audience Marketing

We understand the art of maintaining circulation and how phone strategy plays a role in being a marketing catalyst across multiple brands.  Our objective is to maximize the teleservices experience by producing high quality data and designing unique programs customized to client needs.

Leveraging our new age technology gives you the advantage of a phone campaign much more than obtaining or renewing a subscriber.

Socially Sourced Data 

Our data is web-sourced from social and also comes from a variety of areas on the web including data partners, career and corporate sites, job boards, resumes, and bios on website.

We ingest all of the data, synthesize it to be the most actionable, up-to-date and accurate B2B contact data available.  PhoneitCall gives you access to 300 Million social contacts worldwide.

Lead Generation

PhonetiCall provides tools to help you monetize your Audience. We offer content marketing programs to supplement internal efforts, ensuring you meet your lead commitments.

Our programs guarantee we speak with decision makers directly, gain opt ins to accept your asset, and deliver the content in real time via email.

Opt-In Programs

With CASL in Canada and GDPR in Europe (coming in 2018), telemarketing is a great way to make sure you stay compliant and avoid large fines.

US audience only? Use our opt in program to gain new prospects to target with your content or re-engage previous opt outs to convert and opt them back in to specific content.

Political Outreach

PhonetiCall helps Political Consultants gather data of the highest integrity and capture the votes needed to WIN !

We understand what it takes to develop a TeleCampaign strategy to collaborate with your other outreach efforts , such as direct mail and TV ads.

Data Analysis

Let’s us analyze your data with our complimentary data health analysis.  You will find out how we can correct and enrich your data, how many more new prospects we have for you to target, and the health of your current emails.  If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it, find out how we can simplify things for you.

Increased Value Through Modernized Technology

What’s Our Edge?

  • Technology

    Bleeding edge technology allows you to gain the competitive advantage.

  • Blended Resources

    Giving you the flexibility to blend offshore and domestic resources together.

  • Social Data

    User generated contact and company data at your fingertips.

  • Experience

    Over 4 decades of combined contact solutions management experience.

  • Expertise

    Highly active personnel within the audience marketing communities.

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