Increasing Webinar Registration through Direct Phone Contact

If you produce regular webinars you may have noticed email responses declining. This can make it difficult to maintain a high enough level of webinar participation to satisfy sponsors. The information presented may still be relevant to the audience, and they may still be just as interested, however they are not aware because of lowered open rates on aged email lists. When this happens, new audience engagement techniques must be explored. Telemarketing can be used not only for subscription development, but also to boost webinar registration.

Although telemarketing is proven to be effective as a subscription engagement tool, webinar registration enhancement requires a different approach. For this, it is important to partner with professional telemarketers who will be able to connect with the audience, generate webinar interest, and secure attendance commitments.

In general, a script for this type of call should contain certain elements. The conversation should focus on confirming interest in the webinar topic, confirming that the prospect is available and willing to attend the webinar, securing the webinar registration and verifying the prospect’s contact information during the phone call. Also during the call, email verification should be used, and the registration information should be entered online.
When prospects cannot be reached directly, callers can leave voice mail messages that encourage the prospect to sign up for the webinar, and informing them that they can go to the client’s website or make them aware of previous emails sent for webinar registration information.

A voice cast reminder can be sent to all registrants the evening before the event. On the morning of the webinar, registrations should all be confirmed and verified. Each prospect should receive a reminder phone call, with voice mail messages left for any who cannot be reached. These reminder calls should ask for an attendance confirmation and should also offer information on webinar presenters.

After the webinar, the list of registrants should be checked against the list of attendees. Everyone who attended should be considered a prospect for future webinars. Registrants who did not attend can be contacted with download information, if the client desires.

When this proven approach to webinar registration generation is used, it’s easy to see how direct phone contact increases webinar registrations. This is a great way for businesses to maintain revenue from webinars without adding significantly to marketing expenses. It also shows how even with a digital product like a webinar, direct forms of communication are still sometimes the most effective marketing methods. Overwhelming demand for prospects’ attention by email also means that using telemarketing as a way to reach prospects directly can help their business stand out and secure more event registrations than if they relied solely on email communication.

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