The Effect of 1-Click on Email Marketing Response

Email marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, thanks largely to the advent of 1-click. Although email marketing allows you to reach a huge number of subscribers in seconds at low cost, response rates are very low. Communication through email marketing is useful for most businesses, large or small. Your custom emails can be tested and previewed before sending out to ensure seamless communication. Email marketing also makes it simple to see the results of your marketing with the various tracking tools available.

Why 1-click Makes Sense?

1-click makes renewing very easy for your subscribers. 1-click applications can basically be used without input from the keyboard and without going to a different website, therefore taking less time and effort from the customer. This is essential because most of your subscribers receive a lot of email every day. Make yours email stand out in terms of ease of use.

1-click allows subscribers to perform certain operations directly and securely from the email. 1-click also allows your subscriber to renew with one click of a button, using previously saved demographic information and delivery address. This lets them skip having to input this information manually every time, saving them time, making it easier for them to renew, and generating more conversions during your renewal campaign.

Response to these emails depends on several factors, such as designing a marketing email well, making sure the links work properly, and responding to the customer data you collect by keeping your emails updated and relevant. In fact, relevance in marketing makes a big difference in your customer response.

Your Audience wants to interact with you without the hassle of having to go to various screens and enter the same information every time. 1-click allows them to do just that, and you both benefit. 1-click can be a very valuable tool to increase conversion rates, just look at Amazon’s numbers. Estimates show they made an additional $2.4 billion in 2011 due to 1-click, an increase of 5%.

What Drawbacks Does 1-Click Have?

In general, email marketing can be a turn off when not expected. People typically still appreciate and respond best to personal interaction. Another problem with email marketing is spam and junk filters. Many potential recipients will never see your email because of these filters. Delivery delays are also possible, resulting in messages sent but not received, or not received until days later. The biggest danger of using 1-Click is the subscriber may not verify their information. It is possible they may just 1-click renew even if their info has changed just to make the process easy for them. However this is not much different than prepopulating your telemarketing calls and verifying demos over the phone. There is always risk the subscriber may just be saying “yes” to make the renewal process faster.

Using Telemarketing to Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign

A recent study showed that in 2012, delivery rates for emails had increased to 95%, up slightly from 2011. But open rates were down from 26% to 15%, and click rates remained unchanged at 3%. Telemarketing can improve your marketing response by widening your reach to include more subscribers, as well as those who prefer phone calls to email. Email marketing still can’t compete with telemarketing for being personal and direct and generating subscriptions in masses. However they don’t need to always be done separately.

A combination of telemarketing and email marketing can be a powerful strategy, especially when combined with relevant data. For example, having your telemarketing agency send automated messages overnight to all your subscribers who receive an email the next day is a great way to create awareness. When people get to work in the morning they typically check their voicemail before email. If they hear a message to check their inbox to renew their subscription they are less likely to perceive the email as spam. The key is to get the subscriber to open the email. We show conversions on opened emails from our telemarketing efforts have been higher than 60%.

The best way to leverage both strategies is during live call campaigns. Most people who refuse during the telemarketing effort don’t refuse the publication but rather the call at that time. The problem is most agents will code the call as a refusal and the subscriber is never reached out to again. By implementing the 1-click process this allows post call contact and provides your busy subscribers with a very easy way to renew. We have found an increase in renewal conversions as much as 8% by utilizing this strategy.

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