It’s Telemarketing Season for Audience Marketers

If you are an Audience Marketing professional managing publications in the Spring audit cycle chances are you are planning or have already started your telemarketing efforts. Over the next several months many Audience Marketers will be executing telemarketing calls to their audience. Here are five valuable tips which may decrease your stress level through the Spring.

1. Start as early as possible – This will give you more time to deal with unforeseen issues that will come up during your campaign. In addition, starting early means you will be more likely to have more experienced agents on your project. This translates to better production and less complaints.

2. Clearly communicate your objectives – Make sure your vendor requires you to submit some type of project spec sheet or insertion order clearly outlining your needs. It is important your vendor also knows if additional lists are coming in the future, goals may increase, and if there is any possibility of extending a deadline. By doing so you allow your vendor to better manage your call strategy.

3. Test the script – Don’t just send your vendor a document of the script. Require them to test the scripting the agents will be using or send you screen shots. This ensures your script was programmed correctly. Not taking the time to do this puts you at risk of issues such as questions not asked or selections to the questions being left off. You don’t want to find out a question wasn’t being asked after a shipment has been made.

4. Keep things in perspective – Complaints will happen. Everyone who has a Spring audit is conducting their telemarketing. Many of your competitors may share some of the same subscribers. There will people annoyed by the many calls being made into the same location. It doesn’t mean all of them are from your publication. Also, if you are targeting multiple people within the same company the calls may go to one office manager or switchboard operator. Keep in mind hundreds of thousands of calls are being made daily. Excessive calling should be expected. However rudeness from a caller is unacceptable and needs to be handled immediately.

5. Have a back up plan – Everyone has a vendor they like to use. However even the best telemarketing companies may bite off more than they can chew. There is only so many agents a brick and mortar telemarketing company can house. Knowing others in the industry you may be able to fall back on is a good idea. If you do execute your back up plan be sure to have realistic expectations. You must know there is still a chance you will not reach your goals based on the amount of time and resources you give them to complete the job. Putting additional pressure on them because your first choice didn’t work out will only hurt you in the long run. You want to be someone vendors like to do business with. By doing so your vendor will go the extra mile for you !

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