BPA Makes Modifications to Recent Telemarketing Rule

Last year we reported on the new BPA rule change regarding Telemarketing. Part of the rule stated order givers must be asked if they function as an assistant to the subscriber. It was reported by multiple telemarketing firms, this part of the rule affected conversions and had a negative affect on response rates. After several meetings amongst BPA committee members it has been determined most people these days don’t have assistants and the rule has been modified. Co-Workers are now acceptable order givers for one subscriber during one call as a direct request order. The modification is outlined here:

The qualified recipient’s co-worker may request the publication on behalf of one qualified recipient through one phone call and be reported as “Direct Request: Telecommunication”. Requests for multiple (two or more) co-workers shall be reported as Request from Recipient’s Company.

Please be sure to review our original posting on the rule change here.

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