Outsourcing Audience Marketing

If you are looking to develop or maintain your audience for your magazine, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much outside Audience Marketing professionals can help. The right partner should be able to manage your day-to-day audience marketing, mine your database, and work with your team for targeted, engaged audience engagement for all of your brand’s products.

Another way an outside firm can help is by providing immediate support during a time of transition, for example, when you are re-organizing your audience marketing group and need to fill in the gaps. It’s important to find a team of professionals who can handle your circulation audience marketing by addressing your company’s individual needs, based on your unique circumstances.

The basic services you should look for include preparing and filing audit statements, working with your company and auditors as needed, and the ability to develop and implement marketing strategies for audience engagement that align with your company’s goals and budget. Your audience marketing partners should also be able to test variables when it comes to promotions and recommend ways to improve the process.

When you start working with your audience marketing partner, think about your goals that will help you measure your success. These should be specific goals such as increasing your usable email addresses by at least 10 percent, improving your BPA audit goals without increasing your budget, or promoting more than one product or event at a time. You might want to increase a certain demographic within your audience, or you might want to reduce your budget by a certain amount, say 20%. If you are in a period of transition, establishing a lead generation program will probably be one of the things you are working on. You goals will be individual to your company.

You will want to develop an audience marketing plan that includes real-time email verification to promote newsletters, webinars, white paper downloads, events, or other areas of interest for your brand. Successful marketers are able to identify and implement effective lead generation programs.

An audience marketing partner can help you achieve things such as significant growth in your usable email addresses while also improving certain areas on your BPA statement. Often goals like this can be achieved without increasing your existing audience marketing budget – or without increasing it significantly. With the pressure on businesses today to address audiences across multiple platforms, partnering with audience engagement professionals can give you access to their expertise in maintaining and enhancing your audience marketing efforts.

The world of media changes constantly, and each organization has its own definition of how audience marketing fits into their plans for success. Audience marketing needs cannot always be met the existing staff. If you are looking for an effective approach to building an engaged audience, consider outsourcing the job to a team of trained, experienced professionals. These people offer extensive knowledge and a cost-effective, forward-thinking approach to audience engagement. This is a great way for you to increase your audience and your brand engagement at the same time.

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